DIY Carpet Deodorizer


Baking soda
Essential oil of your choice

Pringles can (or any can you are able to create a “shaker” with)
Xacto Knife


1. A Pringles can serves well as a carpet deodorizer holder because it’s easy to turn the lid into a “shaker” by cutting a few little holes out on the top. Just draw a few circles with a sharpie on the lid and cut them out with an xacto knife. You can do this with just about any container that has a plastic lid (oatmeal and coffee containers work too)!

2. In a bowl pour about a cup of baking soda and add about 15 essential oil drops, depending on your desired fragrance strength.

3. Mix the baking soda to disperse the oil.

4. Let the mixture sit for at least an hour to absorb the oils. Once your hour is up, you are ready to sprinkle your homemade deodorizer onto your carpet. If you are using a “shaker”, now’s the time to add your mixture to your container.

5. Let the deodorizer sit on your carpet for at least half an hour. Once your time is up, all that is left to do is vacuum it up!